WOMEN, WORK, and AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE – Keep Working Girlfriend!

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WOMEN, WORK, and AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE – Keep Working Girlfriend!

Authors: Rosaline Joffe and Joan Friedlander.
Publisher: Demos, 2008,
ISBN-10: 1932603689,
ISBN-13: 978-1932603682

Women, Work, and Autoimmune Disease is a book about how we have to keep our hope and our struggle for life, and how to enjoy living with an unwanted and incurable disease.

If your doctor tells you that you have an autoimmune disease (AD) which is incurable and may sometimes stop you from taking part in several life activities, such as your working life, how will you feel? Maybe sad, angry, frustrated and like “that’s it, it is the end of my career!” These are normal reactions upon hearing this news but sometimes these reactions are exaggerated.

Throughout the book Rosalind Joffe and Joan Friedlander use simple but convincing words to tell us that a person with an AD such as MS, can also have a good job and be a successful career woman.

The authors are themselves people with ADs, and along with inspiring stories from other women with ADs, they give us ideas and advice about what you can do to enjoy life and your career while managing an incurable disease. Topics include developing appropriate strategies and tactics, evaluating communication skills, building a support team and considerations for self-employment.

So, if you or one of your family members has an AD, before thinking of quitting your job and feeling sad about it, read this book and fi nd out how living with an AD can be enjoyable and manageable, and how particular strategies and tactics can help you to be a successful career woman. Keep working, girlfriend!

Reviewed by Kanya Puspokusumo,

President of Indonesia Multiple Sclerosis Group

and MSIF Board Member

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